hearsay rule

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Noun1.hearsay rule - a rule that declares not admissible as evidence any statement other than that by a witness
rule of evidence - (law) a rule of law whereby any alleged matter of fact that is submitted for investigation at a judicial trial is established or disproved
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The political cost of the veto was moderated by the President then suddenly ordering a stop to the operations of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), which reminded everyone of his power, as the PNP leaped into action and the secretary of justice obligingly abolished the hearsay rule (as one legal wag put it) by saying that as long as someone heard it, it must be true.
[section]90.803 (to make four subdivisions of the hearsay rule conform to the federal rule); F.S.
The sections cover an introduction the to adversary system, relevancy and its limits, communicating data to the trier of face, the hearsay rule, and privilege.
These results led me to wonder: how many other corrupt transactions never saw the light of truth because the hearsay rule blocked the sun and darkened the skies?
"The testimony did not violate the hearsay rule, but the fact that the out-of-court declarants' statements could be 'readily inferred' from the trial testimony violated the Confrontation Clause.
"The dead man's rule doesn't apply at all when you have a live witness, because the dead man's rule is an exception to the hearsay rule. You don't go there if you have other testimony that doesn't require the dead man's rule," Edwards told the justices.
Confrontation Clause, the Hearsay Rule, and the Forgetful Witness, 56
Trial judges did not err in declining to admit medical billing data compiled by the independent nonprofit FAIR Health under two arguably applicable exceptions to the hearsay rule, separate District Court Appellate Division panels in the Northern and Southern districts have found.<br />Other judges have taken an opposing view of FAIR Health data, allowing it to be considered at trial.
The court found that the circumstances surrounding the statements made by the child victim and her brother possessed particular guarantees of trustworthiness and also were admissible under an exception to the hearsay rule for statements made for purposes of medical diagnosis or treatment.