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also heart's-ease  (härts′ēz′)
1. Peace of mind.
2. A small European plant (Viola tricolor) having spurred flowers marked with purple, yellow, and white. It was used to develop hybrid varieties of cultivated pansies. Also called wild pansy.
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They had found the "herb, heart's-ease," in the bleakest spot of all New England.
They had found the 'herb, heart's-ease,' in the bleakest spot of all New England.
Just as an answer to the first charade is "heartfiel" or the heart's ease, "heart's-ease" is also the name of the hypnotic flower in Shakespeare's play Another name for this magical flower is "love-in-idleness." In this same chapter or Austen's "prologue" to her play on Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, Mr.