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Hicking heartened me like a cordial, for I saw in them at once the engine and decoy by which David should procure his outfit.
I heartened him once more, and with such success that he presently said, "Let the tragedy begin.
In her shyness at the threshold of a laborious and uncertain life, where so much is expected of a ship, she could not have been better heartened and comforted, had she only been able to hear and understand, than by the tone of deep conviction in which my elderly, respectable seaman repeated the first part of his saying, "Ships are all right .
Thou hast been that to me, Rachael, through so many year: thou hast done me so much good, and heartened of me in that cheering way, that thy word is a law to me.
It was to the island that Peter now flew to put his strange case before old Solomon Caw, and he alighted on it with relief, much heartened to find himself at last at home, as the birds call the island.
Rebecca looked disappointed but not quite dis- heartened. "That's pretty good," she said encouragingly.
He felt curiously encouraged and heartened by the beam in her eye rather than by her actual words.
The company, which also has facilities in Aberdeen and Buckie, yesterday described its annual results for the 12 months to the end of last October as "respectable" and Mr Forsyth said he was "heartened" by them.
Communist rebels appeared to be heartened by a House resolution urging President Duterte to return to the negotiating table, expressing readiness to resume formal negotiations for peace with the government.
Transport Minister Anthony Loke said today he is heartened by the hard work done by his staff so far, which has resulted in him being able to continuously provide papers to the Cabinet for tabling and discussion every time it convenes.
EDUCATION Minister Peter Weir yesterday said he is "heartened" by support for his U-turn on transfer test preparation.