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1. A parasitic filarial worm (Dirofilaria immitis) that is transmitted by mosquitoes and infects the pulmonary arteries and often the right side of the heart of dogs and other canids and sometimes other mammals, including cats.
2. The condition resulting from infection with heartworms, characterized by respiratory symptoms and fatigue.


(Animals) a parasitic nematode worm, Dirofilaria immitis, that lives in the heart and bloodstream of vertebrates



1. a parasitic nematode, Dirofilaria immitis, transmitted by mosquitoes and invading the heart and pulmonary arteries of dogs and other canids.
2. the disease caused by infection with heartworm.
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The Department of Infectious Diseases at University of Georgia's College of Veterinary Medicine confirmed that the heartworms were drug-resistant and named the strain "Metairie-2014.
There are publications that denounce the use of most conventional veterinary medical practices and therapies, vaccines, heartworm preventatives, and pesticides included.
ANSWER Many clinics now use the 4DX test from Idexx for their heartworm testing because it also screens for Lyme disease, Anaplasma and Ehrlichia.
It is also active against ear mites, lice, gastrointestinal nematodes and prevents heartworm disease through its efficacy against Dirofilaria immitis larvae.
of human heartworm disease which is usually asymptomatic requires a lung biopsy by thoracotomy or video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS).
When he was brought here, Lauren knew that the dog was heartworm positive but did not have the dog treated and did not tell the potential owner of his condition,'' he said.
Aside from her damaged snout, UC-Davis veterinarians also discovered she had heartworm disease and cancer known as venereal tumour.
I'd become concerned that my dog might be having a mild seizure, and I was also wondering if it had anything to do with her flea and heartworm preventative.
Advantage treats fleas - Advocate treats fleas plus prevents heartworm, hookworm and roundworm in dogs and cats and other external parasites, such as lice, demodex and scabies.
Heartworm is present in all 50 states and the bite of just one infected mosquito is all it takes to infect your dog.
Canine heartworm disease caused by the filarial nematode, Dirofilaria immitis is a major potentially life-threatening disease of dogs with worldwide distribution and global significance.
By testing for mosquito-borne heartworm disease and the tick-borne bacteria that cause ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis and Lyme disease, Lab Rescue can identify dogs with these infections and provide them with the veterinary care needed to restore them to good health.