heat dissipation

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Noun1.heat dissipation - dissipation of heat
chilling, cooling, temperature reduction - the process of becoming cooler; a falling temperature
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Heat dissipation is a key factor prolonging LED lifespan because, as heat increases, the lifespan of the LED decreases dramatically.
All heat-generating components are attached to the baseplate, allowing heat dissipation through the sealed box chassis or heat sink.
Then, the heat dissipation capability of green energy sources will be emulated under different waste-heat powers.
* A 30 percent improvement in heat dissipation performance.
The 1.5 mm diameter motor shaft ensures high rotational stability, and the housing of the motor is black to facilitate optimum heat dissipation. The Series 1224SR dc micromotor can be combined with a gearhead and encoder for a complete miniature dc drive system.
Housed hybrid h3 stepper motors provide high torque output with increased performance, improved heat dissipation and higher side and radial load capability.
Because high power transistors, the output source for high-performance amplifiers, generate high levels of heat, heat dissipation is extremely important.
The minimal temperature rise results from locating a heat dissipation spinner disk in a vented housing between the blower unit and impeller.
Optimized heat dissipation and special materials of construction are said to prevent adhesion of the needle at the gate.
Heat dissipation by higher-power semiconductor chips presents a major challenge for designers of components for electronic devices.
Designed for quiet and rapid heat dissipation, the TNC Cooling Fan utilizes the advanced TEK airfoil blower wheel to provide silent and efficient cooling.
There are five models being introduced in this family, housed in a leadless 3 x 3 mm low profile package with exposed metal bottom for good grounding and heat dissipation. This series offers high reliability and repeatability.