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Noun1.heat lamp - electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiationheat lamp - electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiation; "the bathroom could be warmed by an infrared lamp"
electric fire, electric heater - a small electric space heater
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Michelle, of Greenock, put the reptile in a container, where it appeared to change colour, then found a heat lamp to keep it warm.
When using a flash heat lamp to look at a problem in a wall, for example, the whole wall would need to be heated; in contrast, the AMT method focuses heat on only a small section.
We, of course, bought the starter grower feed from the store along with baby chick feeder, waterer and heat lamp.
The fire is believed to have been started by a heat lamp above the creature's nest to keep it warm.
The lucky ducks have been nicknamed The Three Amigos and are enjoying some TLC at Lisa's home in Mallow where they are soaking up the rays of a heat lamp.
ALVADORE - A heat lamp may have sparked a fire that destroyed a shop building early Monday morning near Alvadore, Lane Rural Fire/Rescue officials said.
They found three cannabis plants being grown in a cupboard aided by a heat lamp.
A single halogen heat lamp and easy functionality make the moisture balances suited for moisture determination.
Then, a day or two after taking the drugs, each patient climbs into a bed equipped with an overhead infrared heat lamp.
The Greenwood, Indiana girls used a heat lamp, some sunscreen, and hot dogs to teach how very important it is to protect your skin from sun damage that can lead to skin cancer.
Retrolite and Sylvania have teamed to produce a heat lamp system designed specifically for the swine industry.
However, if the whole floor is heated to 72 or 73 degrees, this large, warm surface, like a gentle heat lamp, will radiate heat to all the objects and surfaces in the room.