heat ray

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Noun1.heat ray - a ray that produces a thermal effectheat ray - a ray that produces a thermal effect
light beam, ray, ray of light, beam of light, shaft of light, irradiation, beam, shaft - a column of light (as from a beacon)
infrared ray - a ray of infrared radiation; produces a thermal effect (as from an infrared lamp)
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The 35ft alien Martian fighting machine comes down in front of me and fires a heat ray over my head into the audience.
Going back to Godzilla's constellation, the artwork depicted the iconic monster from its original Japanese design and even included a flare of its atomic breath, or heat ray as NASA referred to it.
In [section] 12, Planck is simply being consistent with his earlier discussion of emission: "The creation of a heat ray is generally denoted by the word emission.
The special effects were excellent but the heat ray lighting and instrumental combo seemed interminable.
As students became mathematically/scientifically conscious with parabolic mirrors, instructors steered them toward locating historical inquires concerning the Roman siege of Syracuse and searching out literature outlining others who might have tested the story of Archimedes' heat ray. Working backwards, they reviewed the Myth Busters programming conclusions that such a device would not have worked.
TAKING THE HEAT Ray and Kat get up close in kitchen scene
The film also includes a solar radiation transmittance of 85% or lower of the visible light transmittance in a wavelength range of 300 to 2,100 nm in the case where the heat-shielding layer is inserted between two plates of glass selected from a group consisting of clear glass, green glass, high heat ray absorption glass and UV absorption glass to obtain a laminate glass.
"When the Martians unleash their heat ray, there'll be swooshes, sizzles and explosions all over the place.
Towering over the stage was a 30ft tall Martian tripod fighting machine, which occasionally raked the audience with its heat ray!
As terrified onlookers turn to flee, the alien points its deadly heat ray towards them, instantly silencing their screams as they're turned to dust.