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Adj.1.heat-absorbing - (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with absorption of heat
endoergic, energy-absorbing - (of a nuclear reaction) occurring with absorption of energy
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These projects, as well as other low-density residential developments in these provinces, covered thousands of hectares of agricultural land or green spaces with impervious and heat-absorbing concrete.
The connection makes sense for land snakes, he says, which would benefit from having a heat-absorbing dark skin " but the colour advantage doesn't apply to their aquatic cousins.
Low noise, well-ventilated, heated, air-conditioned cab-mounted, front-lower part of the door glazing (made of safety glass, heat-absorbing glass).
Extruded parts can be cooled by gases, liquids, or contact with a heat-absorbing surface such as chill rolls or calibrators.
Or you can simply prop a car windshield reflector on a chair, surround your food container with something dark and heat-absorbing like a fleece jacket, and cook.
Passive solar buildings incorporate low-tech solutions, including highly efficient south-facing windows, to strategically capture the sun's energy in thermal mass--such as heat-absorbing stone or concrete floors--throughout the day.
One of the most effective propagators I've used, powered entirely by natural and renewable energy, is an empty compost bag turned inside out, so the heat-absorbing black side faces out.
Patent 8,968,610 (March 3, 2015), "Polymer Composition Having Heat-Absorbing Properties and High Stability to Weathering," Alexander Meyer, Gunther Stollwerck, and joerg Reichenauer (Bayer MaterialScience AG, Leverkusen, Germany).
Promoting walking or biking to work to reduce carbon emissions and lower incidence of obesity and diabetes The researchers estimated that if cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Phoenix invested in more square acres of tree canopy and reduced their use of heat-absorbing surfaces, like asphalt and concrete, heat-related mortalities could decline by 40 to 99 percent.
Shuja said that one of the best possible options was to control emissions and global warming was planting more and more saplings and trees and build using heat-absorbing materials.
The all-singing, all-dancing sE model comes with goodies such as leather upholstery, heat-absorbing windshield, Xenon headlamps with cleaning system and 19in alloy wheels, making it a tip-top second-hand buy.
Sue, who lives in one of the eight houses at Munro Court in Castlemaine, central Victoria, began the ambitious project after getting fed up with seeing masses of big brick houses, with heat-absorbing black roofs, plonked on blocks of land with no consideration for where the sun rises and sets throughout the year.