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Adj.1.heat-absorbing - (of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with absorption of heat
endoergic, energy-absorbing - (of a nuclear reaction) occurring with absorption of energy
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Patent 8,968,610 (March 3, 2015), "Polymer Composition Having Heat-Absorbing Properties and High Stability to Weathering," Alexander Meyer, Gunther Stollwerck, and joerg Reichenauer (Bayer MaterialScience AG, Leverkusen, Germany).
The product MakrolonA AG2677 in the color and temperature-stable, heat-absorbing color 771079 is being used on the new smart for the first time.
Shuja said that one of the best possible options was to control emissions and global warming was planting more and more saplings and trees and build using heat-absorbing materials.
The all-singing, all-dancing sE model comes with goodies such as leather upholstery, heat-absorbing windshield, Xenon headlamps with cleaning system and 19in alloy wheels, making it a tip-top second-hand buy.
Sue, who lives in one of the eight houses at Munro Court in Castlemaine, central Victoria, began the ambitious project after getting fed up with seeing masses of big brick houses, with heat-absorbing black roofs, plonked on blocks of land with no consideration for where the sun rises and sets throughout the year.
Anything that is heat-absorbing or gives off infrared radiation at night is useful.
Inside the tube, a heat-absorbing fluid flows and reaches high temperatures.
Are you paying for a heat-absorbing film instead of the more effective heat reflective film?
The coolness of a loose, silk jumpsuit compensates for the heat-absorbing color, Khoueiri said.
Or she may have been concerned that someone would snap her baby, who was covered in her pram a heat-absorbing black throw, possibly because Una has a big magazine deal coming up.
The beach would include a system of heat-absorbing pipes built under the sand, these pipes would be hooked up to computers and thermostats to regulate the temperature.
The vehicle features LED lighting, regenerative braking functions, heat-absorbing window glass, and the automaker's plant-based Green Plastic resin technology.