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Noun1.Heather bell - common low European shrub with purple-red flowersheather bell - common low European shrub with purple-red flowers
erica, true heath - any plant of the genus Erica
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and Aaron Kribs and Heather Bell of Fayetteville, Ark.
Woodlands Park Floral Art Club, demonstration, Paper Techniques on Glass, by Heather Bell, Daverson Hall, North Gosforth, 7.
Heather Bell of Newquay's Little Gem jewellers said it was hard to gauge its worth.
Heather Bell of Newquay's Little Gem jewellers said: "It's difficult to put an exact price on this but given the rarity, it's a priceless find for James.
BIRMINGHAM councillor Robert Alden could be reunited with his long-lost "mum" when actress Heather Bell returns to hit radio soap The Archers.
Actress Heather Bell is returning to the Archers to take over the role of Clarrie Grundy - more than 30 years after she created the role in 1979.
Heather Bell , Head of Corporate Strategy and Shaun Grady , Head of Business Development at AstraZeneca
RUTLAND - Selectmen last night agreed to consult town counsel about enforcing a dangerous dog order on Buddy, a bull mastiff owned by Trenton and Heather Bell of 278 Pleasantdale Road.
New arrivals at Guerilla Communications include Joanne Elliott and Matthew Ellison as account managers, Rob Palmer as website designer and Heather Bell as director of public relations.
When John and Heather Bell wed in St Leonard's Church, Loftus, as the Gazette reported half a century ago, a collosal amount of snow had fallen in the area in a single night - leaving travel chaos and four foot drifts in its wake.
EAGLE-EYED Heather Bell notched TWO holes in one then revealedhow she's not looked back since having laser eye surgery.