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1. Of, relating to, or resembling heather.
2. Flecked with various colors.


(ˈhɛð ə ri)

1. of or like heather.
2. abounding in heather.
3. marked with small flecks of various muted colors.
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Only the fact that a hummock of heathery sand inter- cepted the lower part of the Heat-Ray saved them.
Presently he came out in a loose blouse and slippers, a short pipe in his mouth, and an old newspaper in his hand, and threw himself on the heathery scrub which met the shingle, within easy hail of the fishermen.
Inside was a bit of kitchen-garden, bounded by a paling; beyond that some backs of detached houses; beyond them, again, a plot of weedy ground, a few wretched cottages, and the open, heathery moor.
As long as we went down a heathery valley that lay before Mr.
William Smith pleaded guilty to driving dangerously along various streets in the town including Alexander Street, Caledonian Road, Netherton Road and Heathery Road and in an erratic manner.
The moorland mist mantled a heathery hollow with a spectral shroud one Sunday morning 300 years ago.
Driving through the rugged Speyside landscape, taking in the patchwork of wild moors, heathery hills and fog-covered peaks, it's easy to see why the Scots bard formed a lifelong connection with the area.
A temporary closure will be in place, from a point 40m north of its junction with Heathery Lea Avenue northwards for a distance of 25m, from 9.
When Jeannie gets up to sing, she 'struggles with a conscious sense of double personality' as she expresses her own feelings for James via a song from 'the heathery mists of a long past century'.
Contract Award Notice or Ground Excavation Works At Heathery Wood Thornton
On the nose, snuffed smoke mingles with salted lemons and sweet cured bacon, the company says, with oats and orange peel toast over embers and heathery peat on the palate and a sweet smoke finish.