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1. Of, relating to, or resembling heather.
2. Flecked with various colors.


(ˈhɛð ə ri)

1. of or like heather.
2. abounding in heather.
3. marked with small flecks of various muted colors.
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Only the fact that a hummock of heathery sand inter- cepted the lower part of the Heat-Ray saved them.
Inside was a bit of kitchen-garden, bounded by a paling; beyond that some backs of detached houses; beyond them, again, a plot of weedy ground, a few wretched cottages, and the open, heathery moor.
Presently he came out in a loose blouse and slippers, a short pipe in his mouth, and an old newspaper in his hand, and threw himself on the heathery scrub which met the shingle, within easy hail of the fishermen.
As long as we went down a heathery valley that lay before Mr.
Dewar, of The Heathery, Dunfermline, admitted abducting the girl in the town and forcing her into Pittencrieff Park where he indecently assaulted her.
A long time away from my family, a long time away from home, a long time away from Bonnie Scotland, Alba, dear old Caledonia with its heathery glens and but 'n' bens and shortbread and .
A son of Headlind Dynamic which made the record ram lamb price in 2000, it sold to T Taylor, of Heathery Hall, Thankerton, Biggar, Lanarkshire.
50 Woodlands Park, u59 Heathery Edge, u58 & u56 Springwell, u50 Colepike, u49 Sillywrea, u45 Woodlands Park.
The Heathery is only 10 minutes' drive from the Forth Road Bridge and within easy access of the local schools, shops and railway station.
So, to pick out the heathery tones in this, I decided to decorate the room in lilac and purple.
Three teams of firefighters took over two hours to bring the fire under control at Heathery Tops Farm at Scremerston, where planners have given permission for a housing development.
Fay Stewart, prosecuting for Northumberland County Council's trading standards department, said that when a trading standards inspector and vets went to Heathery Edge Farm, Newton, Stocksfield, they found a herd of around 200 cattle in "appalling condition".