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1. Sublime; delightful; enchanting.
2. Relating to the firmament; celestial: the sun and other heavenly bodies.
3. Relating to the abode of God; divine.

heav′en·li·ness n.
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himneskt eîli


(ˈhevn) noun
1. in some religions, the place where God or the gods live, and where good people go when they die.
2. the sky. He raised his eyes to heaven / the heavens.
3. (something which brings) great happiness. `This is heaven', she said, lying on the beach in the sun.
ˈheavenly adverb
1. very pleasant; beautiful. What a heavenly colour!
2. of or from heaven.
ˈheavenliness noun
ˈheavens (also good heavens) () interjection
an expression of surprise, dismay etc. Heavens! I forgot to buy your birthday present.
heavenly bodies
the sun, moon, planets, stars.
ˌheaven-ˈsent adjective
very lucky or convenient. a heaven-sent opportunity.
for heaven's sake
an expression used to show anger, surprise etc. For heaven's sake, stop making that noise!
heaven knows
1. I don't know. Heaven knows what he's trying to do.
2. certainly. Heaven knows I've tried to help.
thank heavens
an expression used to show that a person is glad something has (not) happened. Thank heavens he isn't coming!; Thank heavens for that!
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Men who have spent their lives in generous and holy contemplation for the human race; those who, by a certain heavenliness of spirit, have purified the atmosphere around them, and thus supplied a medium in which good and high things may be projected and performed--give to these a lofty place among the benefactors of mankind, although no deed, such as the world calls deeds, may be recorded of them.
What we actually need is a well-regulated mechanism through which proper facilities could be given to the visitors along with preserving the splendour and heavenliness Nature has gifted us with.
This mighty slice of high-cocoa heavenliness came with chantilly cream, pistachio nut dust and a chunk of hoky poky.