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adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or in heaven.

heav′en·wards (-wərdz) adv.


(ˈhɛvənwədz) or


towards heaven or the sky
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Adv.1.heavenwards - toward heaven; "he pointed heavenward"
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Then I once more rebounded heavenwards, at the vision of the eager dreamy lad whose question had set going all this odd clockwork of association.
In Him alone we find peace, consolation, salvation, and love," she said, and turning her eyes heavenwards, she began praying, as Alexey Alexandrovitch gathered from her silence.
He took the balance by the middle, and when he lifted it up the day of the Achaeans sank; the death-fraught scale of the Achaeans settled down upon the ground, while that of the Trojans rose heavenwards.
It has attempted to leave the earth and soar heavenwards, but soon has found that only in experience could any solid foundation of knowledge be laid.
And Irais tilted her nose ever so little heavenwards.
Pointing heavenwards, it is a viable alternative to the traditional spire and would have been even more imposing before the tower block obstructed the view.
A memorial area contains informational plaques and several monuments, including a German cattle car of the sort used to transport Jews and a statue featuring railway tracks that curl up heavenwards.
My family's collective eyebrows would shoot heavenwards reading that.
Privately and professionally, there should be reasons to look heavenwards.
Every now and then one of the men will stand up and go across to the wardrobe that lies on its back, its mirrored belly heavenwards.
Everyone wished for health and happiness for women, and together they released the pink balloons in the air to send their wishes heavenwards.