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adv. & adj.
Toward, to, or in heaven.

heav′en·wards (-wərdz) adv.


(ˈhɛvənwədz) or


towards heaven or the sky
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Adv.1.heavenwards - toward heaven; "he pointed heavenward"
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Then I once more rebounded heavenwards, at the vision of the eager dreamy lad whose question had set going all this odd clockwork of association.
He took the balance by the middle, and when he lifted it up the day of the Achaeans sank; the death-fraught scale of the Achaeans settled down upon the ground, while that of the Trojans rose heavenwards.
It has attempted to leave the earth and soar heavenwards, but soon has found that only in experience could any solid foundation of knowledge be laid.
And Irais tilted her nose ever so little heavenwards.
In Him alone we find peace, consolation, salvation, and love," she said, and turning her eyes heavenwards, she began praying, as Alexey Alexandrovitch gathered from her silence.
And Albrighton, who got two assists and also netted against sorry Sunderland, paid tribute to Sue by looking and pointing heavenwards for his goal celebration.
He looked heavenwards and said "I hope this won't fall like the plane in the jungle.
Football Fantasy I booted a football with such force from earth That it went into orbit and landed in Perth A walkabout Dingo and a kangaroo called Jack Found the ball in their billabong and booted it back I was happy to hear it was on its way home But it bumped into Everest and landed in Rome The Pope saw it bounce down the Appian Way And headed it heavenwards and said"let us pray" The ball's heavenly plunge was reported to Putin Who ordered his troops to put the boot in When all hope was gone I was taken aback To see it on a photo with President Barack It returned in great style with tales of much glory Then became an MP as a prominent Tory John Holt, Marriners Lane, Allesley Park.
I can still remember the huge stacks of books, in bookcases which stretched heavenwards, with long extendable ladders everywhere.
The stern benches are angled slightly backwards, encouraging their sitters to tilt their gaze heavenwards.
I miss him today," said Tendulkar, who always looked heavenwards after every big knock in memory of his father.
You'd think that the Cornish town's tourist chiefs would be beside themselves, wringing their hands in grief, eyes looking heavenwards for some divine intervention probably involving bread and fishes.