heavy swell

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Noun1.heavy swell - a broad and deep undulation of the ocean
crestless wave, swell - the undulating movement of the surface of the open sea
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But these gave place to a heavy swell; I felt sick and hardly able to hold the rudder, when suddenly I saw a line of high land towards the south.
Thereon he floated about for two nights and two days in the water, with a heavy swell on the sea and death staring him in the face; but when the third day broke, the wind fell and there was a dead calm without so much as a breath of air stirring.
As when there is a heavy swell upon the sea, but the waves are dumb--they keep their eyes on the watch for the quarter whence the fierce winds may spring upon them, but they stay where they are and set neither this way nor that, till some particular wind sweeps down from heaven to determine them--even so did the old man ponder whether to make for the crowd of Danaans, or go in search of Agamemnon.
The floe's lip was split and cracked in every direction for three or four miles inland, and great pans of ten-foot-thick ice, from a few yards to twenty acres square, were jolting and ducking and surging into one another, and into the yet unbroken floe, as the heavy swell took and shook and spouted between them.
The sound of the surf was loud, hollow, and menacing, and a heavy swell was setting in.
Unfortunately, due to the heavy swell, current, strong winds and poor visibility, these resources were insufficient, with the decision then being made to activate the air response.
The heavy swell washed away a bridge leading to the extended family's three homes being cut off from the main road.
The boat began taking on water when a surprisingly heavy swell built up, and within minutes the rudder jammed and the propeller failed.
CalMac were forced to cancel sailings on west coast routes due to strong winds and a heavy swell.
A prolonged and heavy swell had swept away microscopic plankton known as dinoflagellates that are found in heavy concentrations in the lagoon and emit light through a chemical reaction when disturbed, said Carmen Guerrero, secretary of the Natural Resources Department.