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Having a ponderous, lumbering gait.


having a heavy or clumsy tread


clumsy or ponderous.
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Adj.1.heavy-footed - (of movement) lacking ease or lightness; "his tired heavy-footed walk"
light-footed - (of movement) having a light and springy step; "a light-footed girl"
References in classic literature ?
The humming of flies among the evergreen shrubs under the window penetrated drowsily into the room; and the tramp of a heavy-footed cart-horse, plodding along the high-road beyond the garden, was as plainly audible in the stillness as if it had been night.
It is true they are a heavy-footed, noisy, and foolish people, and the sport would be small, but I remember the old days above Benares, and, if the child lives, he will remember still.
Here and there little flocks of ravenous birds were sailing and screaming above those spots where some heavy-footed Teton had met his death, but every other sign of the recent combat had passed away.