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 (hĕk′ə-və) Slang
Used as an intensive: You've done a heckuva good job.
Excellent; exceptional: a heckuva singer.

[Alteration of heck of a.]
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Add in nine postseasons (17 total series) and three world championship rings (2007 and 2013 Red Sox, 2016 Cubs), and you can already make a heckuva case.
Ulrich said she's trying to get written confirmation of a heckuva deal a representative of Comcast Business, the company's commercial line, offered her on March 25: Sign up for a 36-month contract with a monthly bill of least $178 and Comcast will waive the $3,929 it would cost to run a line to her property and give her much faster internet than she currently has available via cellphone towers and satellites.
Control of the boards was critical for either team to set the pace and Jalalon did a heckuva job grabbing 12 rebounds, just one less than Travis' haul.
In other words, we're undergoing one heckuva hot summer here
"If the series is anything like our last game, then it's going to be a heckuva series," said Ginebra coach Tim Cone, whose team claimed a quarterfinals berth and a date with Rain or Shine after that marathon contest.
Caption: Browning had a heckuva time dragging American gunmakers into the 20th century.
Stack that on top of today's news, and you've got yourself one heckuva reason to party.
The GOP national committeeman deserves a heckuva lot of credit (or blame, depending on where you're coming from) for once again making sure NH's prez primary is first in the nation.
Set aside, for a second, the most obvious and possibly even correct answer - that journalists are fight promoters and an Abbott-Patrick showdown would be a heckuva fight.
Denzel Washington listens to Travolta swear - a heckuva lot - in disengaged update of a terse 1974 thriller.
"In those 37 years, she goes through a heckuva lot,'' says Ellis with a laugh of wry understatement.