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(hid; unstressed id)
1. contraction of he had.
2. contraction of he would.
References in classic literature ?
I don't believe in deceivin' folks, but if you've hed hard thoughts you ain't obleeged to own 'em up; take 'em to the Lord in prayer, as the hymn says, and then don't go on hevin' 'em.
Granma got him up a meal and when hed et it he began prowling about the kitchen looking into everything and opening the cubbord doors.
I HED aimed to dee wheare I'd sarved fur sixty year; and I thowt I'd lug my books up into t' garret, and all my bits o' stuff, and they sud hev' t' kitchen to theirseln; for t' sake o' quietness.
Frank waved his hand--das hed away the tears that were gathering in his eyes--and hurried out.
 it, ye hed manne of ye villayge where it grewe made answer as
My friends,' Stephen began, in the midst of a dead calm; 'I ha' hed what's been spok'n o' me, and 'tis lickly that I shan't mend it.
He's allays put up his hoss here, sir, iver since before I hed the Donnithorne Arms.
Wouldn't ha' keered fer thet ef he'd hed a Christian tongue in his head.
Old Tom hed been goun' from bed tull worse, ploughun' up an' down the fields an' talkun' an' mutterun' tull humself.
The HED has notified the appointments and has told the appointees to assume their duties within 15 days of receiving the notification.
The report notes that the HED had the final budget at the end of the fiscal year 2016 of Rs32.
The decision to provide access to HED digital library has been taken on directives of Chief Secretary.