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1. One of a set of parallel cords or wires in a loom, used to separate and guide the warp threads and make a path for the shuttle.
2. A frame fitted with rigid wooden or plastic strips and used for the same purpose, especially in smaller looms.

[Probably alteration of Middle English helde, from Old English hefeld; see kap- in Indo-European roots.]


(Textiles) one of a set of frames of vertical wires on a loom, each wire having an eye through which a warp thread can be passed
[Old English hefeld chain; related to Old Norse hafald, Middle Low German hevelte]


(ˈhɛd l)

(in a loom) one of the sets of vertical cords or wires forming the principal part of a harness, through which the warp threads are drawn.
[1505–15; perhaps representing Old English *hefedl, a metathetic variant of hefeld (Middle English helde), c. Old Saxon hevild; akin to Old Norse hafald]
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