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 (hĭ-jĕm′ə-nē, hĕj′ə-mō′nē)
n. pl. he·gem·o·nies
The predominance of one state or social group over others.

[Greek hēgemoniā, from hēgemōn, leader; see hegemon.]

heg′e·mon′ic (hĕj′ə-mŏn′ĭk) adj.
he·gem′o·nism n.
he·gem′o·nist adj. & n.
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The rapid rise of Hindu bigotry in India carries serious implications for its neighbors and the rest of the world in view of New Delhi's hegemonic designs.
Rawalpindi -- Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on Wednesday expressed solidarity with people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, saying Pakistan will always stand by them to counter India's 'hegemonic ambitions' the way it has in the past.
Sure, his hegemonic hold over the region's political space isn't total and unchallenged, but it's remarkably preeminent nonetheless.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Ahmad Haj-Ali, Journalist and Political Commentator said the Muslim countries need to be united against the threats posed by world's hegemonic powers.
This tenor of the sound of silence is especially relevant today as a dome of silence is slowly being lowered on society by hegemonic forces in country after country globally.
Crises and Hegemonic Transitions: From Gramsci's Quaderni to the Contemporary World Economy
In international relations, this concept of a power holder at the centre of an order falls under the doctrine outlined variously by Robert Keohane and Immanuel Wallerstein, of hegemonic stability theory (HST).
"We would be submitting our report after analysing if this initiative is Chinese regional hegemonic agenda or a step towards greater regional connectivity," said Pascal Allizard - head of French Senate delegation - on conclusion of their tour to China, Hong Kong and Pakistan.
AJK banged with protest rallies and demonstrations in all major cities and towns after Jumma (Friday) prayers against the United States of America for her increased but abortive nefarious hegemonic designs of expansionism to 'rule' the world through such latest, what the protest rallies declared, forced, uncalled for and unwarranted move in the occupied Palestine.
This article will first introduce some basic concepts of a historical materialist analysis of TFP and will focus on certain theoretical issues involved in analysing the relation between classes, the state and hegemonic projects.
Geneva -- Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations in Geneva Tehmina Janjua deplores Indian hegemonic designs and calls for resolution of the Kashmir dispute.