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(hɪˈɡjuːmɛn) or


(Eastern Church (Greek & Russian Orthodox)) the head of a monastery of the Eastern Church
[C16: from Medieval Latin hēgūmenus, from Late Greek hēgoumenos leader, from Greek hēgeisthai to lead]


(hɪˈgyu mən)

also he•gu•me•nos


the head of a monastery in the Eastern Church.
[1655–65; < Medieval Latin hēgūmenus < Greek hēgoúmenos chief, literally, leading, present participle of hēgeîsthai to lead]


the head of a monastery.
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Hegumen Abdel Messeh Bassit told the privately-owned news website Masrawy that security forces have dismantled another bomb within the area of the church.
By analyzing the use of indictions in the chronicle, Tolochko concludes that the man behind the chronological apparatus in the Primary Chronicle could not have been anyone other than Hegumen Sil'vestr of Vladimir Monomakh's family monastery.
The monastery was raided five times by Berbers which did not leave the monastery in its original condition, as Hegumen Sarabamon and bishop Pishoy told us.
A relevant example is that of the Greek hegumen of the Pangarati monastery, who incited to the falsification of an ordinary priest, Pavel, in detriment of the Biserican monastery.
The golden crosses are blessed by the rector of the Russian parish, Hegumen Alexander Zarkeshev.
Al Jifri (right), founder and General Director of the Tabah Foundation for Islamic Studies; and Monk Hegumen Issac Al Anba Bishoy (left), Shepherd of Saint Anthony Cathedral for Coptic Orthodox in Abu Dhabi, during the symposium held at Zayed University last week.
Immediately upon his return from the Sisatovac monastery in Srem in 1815, Karadzic asked Lukijan Musicki, the hegumen of the Monastery, to collect Kosovo songs about Lazar from a particular blind singer.
For many commentators, the clue lay in Kirill's reference to "culturally Orthodox." The more liberally inclined theologian, Hegumen Innokenty Pavlov, could argue the need for a more realistic approach on the part of the church, noting that while many claimed to believe, surveys repeatedly suggested that only around 5 percent of the population participated in Orthodox religious activity with any degree of regularity A 2002 Pew Research Centre survey reported that only 14 percent of Russians said that religion played an important role in their life.
The selected archbishop, Gurii, was a former hegumen of the Iosifo-Volokolamskii Monastery, one of the most important institutions in Muscovy, and, not coincidentally, one with a long association with Moscow's Grand Princes.
The head of the monastery, the abbot or hegumen, would act as spiritual director for the monks.
* Ivan Ziaiyk (1899-1952) was a Redemptorist hegumen (Prior) of the monastery in Ternopil.
Since Russia's original Christian roots were Eastern Orthodox, ISP and The CoMission eventually sought to improve their relationships with the Orthodox Church.(49) They extended an invitation to Father Hegumen Ioann (John) Ekonometsev (Chairman of the Department of Religious Education of the Moscow Patriarchy) to attend a convocation in Riga, Latvia during 17-21 May 1993.