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an exclamation of surprise or inquiry


() or


an indication of sly amusement, used esp in electronic communication


(hi; unstressed i)

pron. nom. he, poss. his, obj. him; pron.
1. the male person or animal being discussed or last mentioned; that male.
2. anyone (without reference to sex); that person: He who hesitates is lost.
3. any male person or animal; a man: hes and shes.
4. male (usu. used in combination): a he-goat.
[before 900; Middle English, Old English (masculine nominative singular); c. Dutch hij, Old Saxon hē, Old High German her he; see his, him, she, her, it]
usage: Traditionally, the pronouns he, his, and him have been used generically to refer to indefinite singular pronouns like anyone, everyone, and someone (Everyone who agrees should raise his hand) and to singular nouns that do not indicate sex: Every writer hopes he will produce a bestseller. This generic use is often criticized as sexist, although many speakers and writers continue the practice. Various approaches have been developed to avoid generic he. One is to use plural forms entirely: Those who agree should raise their hands. All writers hope they will produce bestsellers. Another is to use the masculine and feminine singular pronouns together: he or she, she or he; he/she, she/he. A common practice in speech is to use forms of they to refer to such antecedents: If anyone calls, tell them I'm not home. See they. Forms blending the feminine and masculine pronouns, as s/he, have not been widely adopted. See also they.


or heh


n., pl. hes or hehs.
1. the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
2. any of the sounds represented by this letter.
[< Hebrew hē']


Chem. Symbol.


1. high explosive.
2. His Eminence.
3. His Excellency; Her Excellency.
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A weekend in Splott, he explained with a Gallic chuckle (le heh-heh, le heh-heh), felt like a year in Splott.
That is our yardstick and I'm happy to report that all this work around town, what they call a sign of a city on the move, heh-heh, makes things much easier.
Bow-leg stance sure ain't from riding horses, heh-heh
Mais oui, instead of zinkink of zee offload or ze overlap, zey zink instead zey could murdaire a litre or deux of zat lager, zinkink of zinkinkapint, heh-heh.
After opening at ear-splitting volume with "Another Body Drops," lead rappers B-Real and Sen Dog settled into a cannabis-fueled groove that included their signature "Insane in the Brain" and, heh-heh, "Dr.
But the writers of the show realised that the character of "Diarrhoea", as the heh- heh-heh funny boys called her, was earning loads of fans of her own, they wrote a show to highlight her quick-witted remarks and Holden Caulfield- like outsider status that every teenager seems to go through at some point - although some admittedly more than others.