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n. pl. heiau
An ancient Hawaiian temple.

[Hawaiian, from hei, variant of hai, to worship, from Proto-Polynesian *fai, to worship.]
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Day trips to beaches and heiaus, ancient Hawaiian sacred sites, with meditation, chanting, and educational component included.
She implemented her new Christian beliefs by encouraging Liholiho to burn the idols and dismantle all of the heiaus (temples), establishing the 'ainoa system (new laws) throughout the islands.
First, she broke the eating kapu for women, then ordered the dismantling of heiaus and burning of the ancient gods.
E, from Southeast Asia, Polynesia, and Tahiti (with arrows of various colors for different time periods), and second, by their heiaus or religious sites, spread out across the Hawaiian island chain.
After death, these powers were locked away forever with their bones in the sacred temples called heiaus.
Stevens says that despite an abundance of ancient heiaus, or stonework shrines, at lower elevations (12,000 to 13,000 feet), there are none on the summit itself--historically the area was considered too sacred for any man-made material, even a heiau.
And a circle of palms at the far end of a lawn, planted on a platform of soil and edged with stones, recalls the heiaus (ancient Hawaiian temples) still standing throughout the islands.
Now restored, the place of worship, one of Hawaii's largest heiaus, sits on the edge of the state's finest remaining intact forest of hala, a native tree with a distinctive crown and exposed spiderlike roots.
Because it is the youngest in the chain, it holds open many windows to the past, through heiaus or ancient temples, a sacred "place of refuge," and petroglyphs--messages from the ancients carved into the lava flows.
For decades, a devoted archaeologist has worked to preserve Hawaii's sacred heiaus.
On the Big Island's northern tip, the sleepy North Kohala Coast is flecked with historic heiaus among great snorkeling beaches.