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n. Slang
The buttocks.

[Alteration of hinder.]


(Anatomy) slang US buttocks; bottom


(ˈhaɪ ni)

n. Slang.
the buttocks.
[1935–40; alter. of hinder2]
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The jig has a variety of popular sized cuts like Novak, Heinie and Wilson.
The rear sight on the President is a plain black Heinie Ledge, which provides a nice sight picture.
Front strap and mainspring housing serrations as well as hand serrations to the rear of the slide ejector match the Heinie black rear sight.
The Falcon Double Stack wears a Heinie Straight Eight Ledge rear sight with a single tritium dot that's dovetailed into the slide.
Jim had recommended the Heinie Slant Pro rear sight, which I find offers quick acquisition but also allows support-hand malfunction or loading drills by catching the slide on a table edge, tire, bumper, belt, et al.
LONG TERM TV CONTRACTS CAN BE A PAIN IN THE HEINIE, and it doesn't always come in with quality channels.
Players who produced five or more hits in three games are George Sisler (1921), Tris Speaker (1923), Edd Roush (1929), Fred Lindstrom (1930), Al Simmons (1932), Heinie Manush (1933), Eddie Waitkus (1950), Luis Aparicio (1966), Jorge Orta (1974), Don Mattingly (1984), Dave Winfield (1984), Keith Hernandez (1985), Joe Carter (1986), Kenny Lofton (1997), Charlie Blackmon (2014), Yunel Escobar (2015) and Ender Inciarte (2017).
Drawing on research and interviews, this book offers profiles of jazz musicians from Wisconsin, including Bunny Berigan, Woody Herman, Les Paul, Jabbo Smith, oWild Billo Davison, Sam Armato, Joe Aaron, Freddie Slack, Heinie Beau, Gene Schroeder, Billy Maxted, Cappy Lewis, Jackie Cain, Al Jarreau, Tierney Sutton, Lyle Mays, Lynne Arriale, Geoff Keezer, Ethan Iverson, Dan Nimmer, Buddy Clark, Tommy Gumina, Mike Melvoin, Steve Houghton, Beverly Dahlke, Carl Allen, Gerald Cannon, Greg Tarday, and Ike Sturm.
On Tuesday, SEM chief executive officer Heinie Werth said that Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia would continue to offer an entire range of life insurance products for personal as well as corporate clients in Zambia.
SEM chief executive, Heinie Werth, said, 'This deal solidifies our partnership with the country's largest independent insurer.
Ordering the proper size, whether it be a Novak cut or a Heinie, is vital to the end job.
I built a simple pot stand and windscreen for it and use it in conjunction with a lightweight aluminum "Heinie pot" I made from a 24-ounce beer can.