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n. Slang
The buttocks.

[Alteration of hinder.]


(Anatomy) slang US buttocks; bottom


(ˈhaɪ ni)

n. Slang.
the buttocks.
[1935–40; alter. of hinder2]
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Both Heinie and Nighthawk Custom had long been receiving inquiries from potential customers requesting a Model 1911 pistol with as thin a grip as possible, often in 9mm chambering, to improve concealability, provide better grasp for small-handed shooters, and offer less recoil than a.
I had been contemplating building a 10mm for some time when Nighthawk's Craig Gholson called and asked if I wanted to take a look at its new Heinie 10mm Long Slide.
Item 103: A hastily drawn up last will and testament of New York Giants Hall of Famer (and later Detroit Tigers manager) Heinie Groh, witnessed by teammate Frankie Frisch and signed by attorney Hugh Jennings, dated Feb.
Three radius cuts run down the top of the slide that has Heinie Ledge Night Sights.
Recently, I had the chance to use a Sub-Compact XD, specifically the 9mm Bi-Tone Custom Carry package, which includes a combat action job, overtravel adjustment added to the trigger and Trijicon 3-Dot sights (Springfield Custom three-dot tritium, Heinie Straight 8 Slant Pro and Heinie three-dot Slant Pro sights are also available).
Zack was to deliver the phrase to his TV brother ``Mike'' (played by Mike Simmrin), as in ``you're making me look like a buffalo heinie.
Nighthawk Custom is a relatively new company when it comes to the production of 1911s, New they may be but they are certainly not lacking in experience and when it comes to quality and precision they are right up there with the best of them, Experience is not only provided by a staff of 45 but also by being connected with such respected names when it comes to 1911s as Richard Heinie and Bob Marvel.
Fit and finish were very good, the barrel was fitted nicely and I particularly liked the Heinie sights.
The slide sports new Heinie Ledge Straight-Eight Suppressor Sights which are only available thru Nighthawk Custom.
It's expensive; I only own two, both Colts, one by Mark Morris and the other by Richard Heinie, and wish I could afford to have all my 1911s made that way.
Designed in conjunction with master 1911 pistolsmith Richard Heinie, the Lady Hawk was built from the ground up to provide a 1911 that is light, slim, well-balanced and easy shooting.
since 1927-1928 when Earl Combs, Heinie Manush and Paul Waner