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n. Slang
The buttocks.

[Alteration of hinder.]


(Anatomy) slang US buttocks; bottom


(ˈhaɪ ni)

n. Slang.
the buttocks.
[1935–40; alter. of hinder2]
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It would appear that the men are only too willing to put up a good front before the Heinies of the town.
if you believed the papers the heinies were getting licked, and it
High knees make nice heinies," Guy Urioste yells after a woman trotting through an obstacle course that was made out of PVC pipe.
The porky gladiator drafts a skinny homeless guy, Esqueleto, onto his tag team, and this Fat-and-Slat pair regularly get their heinies handed to them by more macho competitors, some of whom are women and midgets.
So many players of German ancestry performed for the Reds that the team was sometimes called the Heinies.
But it was becoming obvious that Ewing worked more effectively with the Reds' number two catcher, Heinie Peitz.
The trouble with the Heinies, as Corporal Jones never tired of telling us, is that they don't like it up 'em, you know.
I was delighted at the thought of Lori with Dick Cheney and pals bent over her lap, a nice thick rose switch in her hand, bringing it down on the cushy backsides of the new robber barons, paddling heinies until they cry, ``You're right
That left Taylor and me with six or sever Heinies to look after.
This sighting system is a variation on the Heinie Straight Eight, which places one dot above the other for quick sight acquisition.