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1. Wicked; abominable: a heinous crime.
2. Informal Very unappealing; ugly: showed up wearing that heinous shirt.

[Middle English, from Old French haineus, from haine, hatred, from hair, to hate, from Frankish *hatjan.]

hei′nous·ly adv.
hei′nous·ness n.
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Adv.1.heinously - in a terribly evil manner; "the child was heinously murdered"


advauf abscheuliche Weise
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There is something uncomfortable about applauding a woman's ability to be as heinously violent as a man.
I was acquainted with Bennell but if he could heinously hoodwink family and friends of his victims, putting on an act for a young reporter was simple.
The girl, of a playing age, 8years old Zainab has been brutally harassed, fatally killed and heinously thrown into a garbage pile in Kasur , Punjab Pakistan.
Hayek said he insisted on rewrites, more financing and, most heinously to her, a sex scene with full frontal nudity.
Again, due to the fact that Arce focuses on a single gender, she omits other noteworthy literary representations of Afromexicans; to boot, depictions that read as more genuine and less heinously stereotypical.
In addition, readers will thirst to uncover who's responsible for stirring up the community and heinously stealing the life of a child.
Founder of Combatting Poverty and Climate Change Foundation, Ahsan Rashid, knew that resolving climate change and poverty in Pakistan has become heinously imperative.
Heinously harmful sites such as The Health Wyze Report & Fidelity Ministry (healthwyze.
Mag-eextend kami ng assistance because in four month's time po first time in the history po namin ito nangyari sa VACC na dalawang member ng family pinatay heinously ng para umanong guns-for-hire.
Socioeconomic injustice, social exclusion, rape, and heinously violent crimes are featured in a nonintrusive manner that invites readers to interrogate these issues.
To drown out questioning by Hezbollah's own supporters, the chief has ramped up his anti-Saudi campaign with unprecedented attacks -- most heinously over hajj.
Now, heinously, contact centers, which provide jobs to an estimated 5 million Americans, have been severely impaired.