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also Hel·den·te·nor  (hĕl′dən-tə-nôr′)
1. A tenor voice with a striking dramatic or brilliant quality that is well suited for heroic roles, such as those in Wagnerian opera.
2. A person with such a voice.

[German : Held, hero (from Middle High German helt, from Old High German helid) + Tenor, tenor (from Italian tenore; see tenor).]


n, pl -tenöre (-teˈnøːrə)
(Classical Music) a tenor with a powerful voice suited to singing heroic roles, esp in Wagner
[literally: hero tenor]


(ˈhɛl dnˌtɛn ər; Ger. ˈhɛl dn teɪˌnoʊr)

n., pl. -ten•ors, Ger. -te•no•re (-teɪˌnoʊ rə)
a tenor having a powerful voice suited to singing heroic roles, as in Wagnerian opera.
[1925–30; < German, =Helden-, comb. form of Held hero + Tenor tenor]


Hero tenor in German. A tenor with the power to sing above the sound of a large orchestra.
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Krista de Silva had a great uncle with a beautiful heldentenor voice whose operatic career was cut short by imprisonment during WWII.
New York, NY, January 31, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Lauritz Melchior: The Art of the Heldentenor in Opera and Song Vols.
Wedd moved from moroseness through ardour to delirium, marshalling his developing Heldentenor vocal resources cleverly, and coping well with all the physical distortions this production imposes upon his body.
Opera North and the audience have every reason to be grateful to Swedish Heldentenor Lars Cleveman, a highly experienced Wagnerian, who took the part of Siegfried at short notice.
was a Bayreuth bound Heldentenor, and he would entertain no argument to
Ricardo Wagner, Richard Strauss, entre otros compositores, continuaron por la senda trazada por Beethoven y emplearon cantantes dramaticos, asi al tenor heroico se le nombra tenor wagneriano o heldentenor.
The singer chosen for this role needs a very strong voice, often called a "Heldentenor" in German (a "heroic tenor"), and Lyric Opera made a great choice by inviting acclaimed German tenor Burkhard Fritz for this complicated, yet rewarding role.
Alan Woodrow deployed his potent heldentenor to convey the ruthless menace lurking behind Mao Tse-tung's public facade.
With his purity of sound and ease in the high tessitura, is there a Wagnerian heldentenor in his future?
Ryan is lyrical and powerful at once, the ingredients for a true heldentenor. He was assertive with Mime and Fafner, insolent with the Wanderer, yearning ever so gently for his mother Sieglinde and full of fear as he kissed the sleeping Valkyrie.
Although the burly, bearded Heldentenor is in great demand with many of Europe's top companies and could sing back-to-back productions with a globetrotting lifestyle, he opts to pick and choose.