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Any of numerous plants in the tropical genus Heliconia, often cultivated for their showy inflorescences with bright red, orange, or yellow bracts.

[New Latin Helicōnia, genus name, coined by Carolus Linnaeus after Greek Helikōn, Helicon, the mountain in Greece where the Muses were said to dwell (in punning reference to the fact that species of the genus Heliconia resemble banana plants, classified in the closely related genus Musa).]
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(Plants) any of a genus of tropical flowering plants with long flowering panicles. Also called: lobster-claw
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'The plants along its riverbanks, installed by the PRRC, aim to improve the estero's water quality through phytoremediation which is the use of plants like Bandera Espanola, Vetiver, and Heliconia which are scientifically-proven to absorb pollutants and heavy metals to naturally filter the water,' PRRC said.
Likewise avoid bringing into the country any banana or heliconia planting material as well as articles made of banana paper or any other plant tissue.
The theme of Royal Floria Putrajaya on its 10th anniversary is the '10 Wonders of Flora', with highlights including flower displays at the Wonder Garden using the eight theme flowers of past editions, namely the national flower hibiscus, orchid, heliconia, rose, bougainvillea, begonia, lily and chrysanthemum.
The insect fauna associated with the genus Heliconia (Heliconiaceae) is quite diversified and includes both terrestrial and aquatic species.
GCOX has already amassed a stellar cast of private placement investors, including the Philippines' international boxing superstar and senator Manny Pacquiao, former England football superstar Michael Owen, who is also a member of the GCOX advisory board, Lim How Teck, the Chairman of Heliconia Capital, the investment arm of Singapore's Temasek Holdings, as well as billionaire and 1999 Singapore Businessman of the Year, Tommie Goh.
The family Heliconiaceae contains only one genus, Heliconia L., which includes some of the main cut flower species of tropical floriculture (WARUMBY et al.
This financing round was led by Temasek, EDBI, Karst Peak Capital, Heliconia, Heritas and other investors.