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Any of numerous plants in the tropical genus Heliconia, often cultivated for their showy inflorescences with bright red, orange, or yellow bracts.

[New Latin Helicōnia, genus name, coined by Carolus Linnaeus after Greek Helikōn, Helicon, the mountain in Greece where the Muses were said to dwell (in punning reference to the fact that species of the genus Heliconia resemble banana plants, classified in the closely related genus Musa).]
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(Plants) any of a genus of tropical flowering plants with long flowering panicles. Also called: lobster-claw
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These included anthuriums, heliconias, true bird of paradise and many others.
It's about the heliconias, guzmanias, gloriosas, corinatas, roses, sunflowers, orchids, tulips, chrysanthemums and scores of other flowers and foliage on display at Dubai International Flower Festival.
Since 2004, different species of certified organic heliconias cultivated in the municipality of Santo Antonio de Padua, in northeastern Rio de Janeiro, have suffered significantly from defoliation by a grasshopper (Orthoptera).
Heliconias are grown for cut flower and landscape plants and it belongs to a morphologically diverse and species rich order Zingiberales.
Among the post-harvest factors indispensable for obtaining quality production, the mineral nutrition of heliconias presents itself as one of the most significant, because, according to Beckmann-Cavalcante et al.
Durante a conducao do experimento, foi detectada a incidencia de cochonilhas (Dysmicoccus brevipes (Cockerell)), lagartas desfolhadoras (Antichloris eriphia (Fabricius)) e mosca-branca (Aleuro thrixusfoccosus (Maskell)) nas plantas de heliconias em pleno florescimento.
But the bone instead has chosen to give way, while wild heliconias mark
Other plants chosen for the courtyard include crinum lilies, ligularia and heliconias.