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Noun1.heliophila - any of various South African herbs and subshrubs cultivated for long showy racemes of bright blue flowers with white eyes
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Heliophila - genus of South African flowering herbs and subshrubs
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Adams, 1845-Isognomonidae); Porifera: Desmapsamma anchorata (Carter, 1882-Desmacididae) and Hymeniacidon heliophila (Parker, 1910-Halichondriidae); and Chordata: Phallusia nigra (Savigny, 1816-Ascidiidae).
Buellia heliophila Llimona--Al: Llimona (1974), Gutierrez & Casares (1994), Guerra et al.
Hymeniacidon heliophila was tested previously for antifouling activity, through in situ experiments, while Tethya spp.