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Noun1.heliophila - any of various South African herbs and subshrubs cultivated for long showy racemes of bright blue flowers with white eyes
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Heliophila - genus of South African flowering herbs and subshrubs
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Each crab was provided with 6 diet options simultaneously that are commonly found in oyster reefs within North Inlet estuary: eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica), hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria), ribbed mussels (Geukensia clemissa), green algae (Ulva spp.), red algae (Gracilaria spp.), and sun sponge (Hymeniacidon heliophila).
Adams, 1845-Isognomonidae); Porifera: Desmapsamma anchorata (Carter, 1882-Desmacididae) and Hymeniacidon heliophila (Parker, 1910-Halichondriidae); and Chordata: Phallusia nigra (Savigny, 1816-Ascidiidae).
Buellia heliophila Llimona--Al: Llimona (1974), Gutierrez & Casares (1994), Guerra et al.
The species Petromica citrina, Amphimedon viridis, Desmapsamma anchorata, Chondrosia sp., Polymastia janeirensis, Tedania ignis, Aplysina fiulva, Mycale angulosa, Hymeniacidon heliophila, Dysidea etheria, Tethya rubra, and Tethya maza were frozen and freeze-dried before extraction with acetone or dichloromethane.
A pesquisa demonstrou que dentre as quatro especies utilizadas (Aplysina fulva, Chondrilla nucula, Dysidea fragilis e Hymeniacidon heliophila), ocorre uma variacao em composicao quimica e massas moleculares dos PSs.
M 2002 and H&E 2002 Name change and recent Bailey as Carex heliophila discovery 1985.
Colorful blooms of peach Abutilon, orange Erysimum 'Apricot Twist', blue Heliophila longifolia, lavender Psoralea, and yellow Senna brighten a bed above the retaining wall and along the garden's perimeter throughout the year.