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Growth or orientation of a sessile organism, especially a plant, toward or away from the light of the sun.

he′li·o·tro′pic (-ə-trō′pĭk) adj.


(ˌhiːlɪˈɒtrəˌpɪzəm) or


(Botany) the growth of plants or plant parts (esp flowers) in response to the stimulus of sunlight, so that they turn to face the sun
heliotropic, heliotropical adj
ˌhelioˈtropically adv


(ˌhi liˈɒ trəˌpɪz əm, -əˈtroʊ pɪz-)

heliotropic tendency or growth.


The growth or movement of a fixed organism, especially a plant, toward or away from sunlight.

heliotropic (hēl′lē-ə-trō′pĭk, hēl′lē-ə-trŏp′ĭk) adjective


the tendency in some plant species to turn or grow toward sunlight. — heliotrope, n.heliotropic, adj.
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Noun1.heliotropism - an orienting response to the sun
tropism - an involuntary orienting response; positive or negative reaction to a stimulus source
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Turning towards nature embodied in the flower, the leaves of books representing the authority of the literary tradition is set aside; thus, the heliotropism of the daisy reflected in the narrator bears the representation of "an instinctive, unmediated, almost prelapsarian affinity between man and the natural world" (Patterson 238).
In the study, the authors showed that the sunflower uses both circadian rhythms and heliotropism (bending and turning toward the light) to enhance its performance in the natural world.
Poirson was in Manila to launch The Habitat's vibrant Spring/Summer collection, called Heliotropism, where distinct shades of blue and yellow are aptly used.
Her elaborately conceived and executed artist's book, A Secret Heliotropism (page 196), was inspired by Walter Benjamin's Theses on the Philosophy of History.
last essay, "by dint of a secret heliotropism the past strives to
An obscure but significant aspect of heliotropism is growth.
The term tropism existed previously in botany, back-formed from more specific terms for responses to stimulus, such as heliotropism, the tendency of plants to grow toward a light source, and geotropism, the response to gravity in orienting the plant's structure.
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