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'The responses are good, from the day of launching until today we had served 15 flights,' said Ari Nurwanda at the Aldiron Helispot Pancoran, Jakarta, on Friday (12/22).
The route for Wonderful Joy Flight starts from Aldiron Helispot Pancoran, flying to the north over the Ancol and Old Town, then heading west towards the House of Representatives (DPR) Building or Senayan and Semanggi areas.
Rescuers transported the subject approximately 100 feet to a pre-arranged helispot. He was transported by helicopter to a waiting ambulance.
Typical of these systems are Helispot and SADS, products of Rafael Armament Development Authority (Haifa, Israel).
There were flames all over the helispot. I'd never seen anything like it, that big, that close.
On the morning of July 5, a seven-person BLM/Forest Service crew hiked 2 1/2 hours to the fire, cleared a helicopter landing area (Helispot 1), and started building a fireline on its southwest side.
"Sometimes, a jump crew's only mission is to jump in with chain saws and build a helispot," says smokejumper Ken Franz.
The National Park Service estimates that 882 miles of fire lines, dozens of fire camps, 100 miles of roads, more than 600 miles of trails, and innumerable helispots, and other local impacts will eventually require restoration ill the park alone, not including needs in the surrounding National Forests.