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adv. & adj. Informal
At breakneck speed: "The journey back he made along the coast road, traveling hell-for-leather" (Idival Jones).


Informal. adj.
1. characterized by reckless determination or breakneck speed: a hell-for-leather chase.
2. in a hell-for-leather manner; hellbent.
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Adv.1.hell-for-leather - at breakneck speed; "they were travelling hell-for-leather"


Informal. Characterized by great celerity:
Idiom: quick as a bunny.
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In most parks on Merseyside this is a common sight, huge dogs running hell-for-leather anywhere and everywhere, a danger to children and other dogs.
Going hell-for-leather at the material, director Jamie Lloyd's bust-a-gut production risks bludgeoning the audience, but resistance is ultimately futile.
Less full of bile, more the youthful bombast and frenetic, feverish energy usually reserved for sugar-addled youths, running hell-for-leather around a playground.
Both sides are likely to go hell-for-leather in today's encounter and Marouane Fellaini and Steven Gerrard won't be taking any prisoners.
ANDY Bates is going hell-for-leather towards a major movie deal - in the costume department.
Strap tight your seatbelts and prepare to hurtle through forests and bounce along mud-tracks on a hell-for-leather journey that's the closest thing I've seen to the real thrills and spills of rally driving.
And Stamford Bridge boss Ancelotti is ready to pair Torres and Drogba, with Anelka in behind them as the attacking point of a midfield diamond, as the champions go hell-for-leather in their bid to close the gap on Premier League leaders Manchester United, who amazingly slipped up at bottom club Wolves.
"Leeds are playing very well and I don't expect them to lose many more games this season so we'll have to go hell-for-leather to catch them.
These two really don't like each other, and with so much pride at stake they are sure to go hell-for-leather to please the baying mob in the Echo Arena.
Triple Athens medal list Bradley Wiggins made a steady if unremarkable start to the Tour Down Under, finishing in the bunch after a hell-for-leather opening day in Adelaide.
The 26-year-old World Championship winner will put her Olympic aspirations on the line in Madeira next weekend - and she has vowed to go hell-for-leather in a bid to join fellow Brit Michelle Dillon in the Greek capital.
To Hoffman, it was a lot more than that--seeing in such theatrical operations his path to success and glory, he made those hell-for-leather dashes the key part of the little boats' mission.