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A mischievous, troublesome, or unruly person.

[Probably alteration (influenced by hell) of dialectal hallion, worthless person.]


informal US a rough or rowdy person, esp a child; troublemaker. Also called: heller
[C19: probably from dialect hallion rogue, of unknown origin]


(ˈhɛl yən)

a disorderly, troublesome, rowdy, or mischievous person.
[1835–45, Amer.; hell + -ion, as in rapscallion]
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Noun1.hellion - a rowdy or mischievous person (usually a young man); "he chased the young hellions out of his yard"
bad hat, mischief-maker, trouble maker, troublemaker, troubler - someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
References in classic literature ?
What a silky smooth hellion she was; and so com- posed and serene, when the cords all down my legs were hurting in sympathy with that man's pain.
She was some hellion, there on the top of the world, clawing and scratching tooth and nail--a regular she cat.
Jawn, did ye ever see a straighter-nosed gang of hellions in the days of your life?
Peace and quiet is something Amber Moore - the teen-age hellion Frantz has played on the daytime soap opera ``The Bold and the Beautiful'' for the past three years - doesn't know much about.
For the skater is the only true Hellion left on Earth these days.
Rounding out the new recruits is Houston hellion Nate "Not the Bruiser" Broussard.
Leeching off other people's misery sends him peacefully to dreamland until he notices another tourist, Helena Bonham Carter's goth hellion Marla, muscling in on his territory.
I reckon they's still drinkin' and a shootin' up the town (that Lisa's a hellion with a six shooter I hear), and that's jes' what they should be doin', I don't guess.
The cartoon hellion of the popular television sitcom ``The Simpsons'' is among the 20 artists and entertainers who most influenced life in the 20th century, according to Time magazine.
The crass comes from the subject matter itself: the excessive behavior of Hustler magazine publisher and hillbilly outrage artist Flynt and his late, bisexual-stripper-drug addict wife Althea, played here with raunchy, touching lunacy by Woody Harrelson and alt-rock hellion Courtney Love.
The two actors may have wildly divergent styles, but both deliver a similar message with the same maniacal glint in their eyes: To be a hellion in perpetuity is the ultimate men's liberation.
Latter is a flame-haired little hellion who can't wait to misbehave in the gold-digging adult leagues.