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 (hĕl′ə-və) Slang
Used as an intensive: He's a helluva great guy.
Excellent; exceptional: That was a helluva vacation!

[Alteration of hell of a.]


adv, adj
(intensifier): a helluva difficult job; he's a helluva guy.


(ˈhɛl ə və)

adj., adv. Pron. Spelling. hell of a (used as an intensive).


[ˈhɛləvə] adj
a helluva [+ mess, problem] → un(e) sacré(e)
to do one helluva job → faire un sacré boulot
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The duo shared a helluva lot of vodka with Louis Tomlinson and Calvin Harris, now dating Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, who was also there.
The guy playing Homer says it more - and earns a helluva lot more, too.
Rest in peace Ray - you left a helluva legacy of friendship and repsect.
If just half of the stories that I have heard about the legendary Liverpool manager are true, then Shanks (above) must have been one helluva man.
Me, the Mob and the Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James and the Shondells comes from a rock star who's compiled 24 gold singles and 9 platinum albums.
If we were on six points, with two wins, it would look a helluva lot different and we would feel a helluva lot better.
When all is said and done, one of the things I hope will come out of my life is that my peers will say 'You know, that Watson, he was a helluva player'.
For all his real-world experience and in-depth knowledge of vitamins, natural health products and nutraceuticals (foods with health or medical benefits), Deline admits the job poses "a helluva challenge" to move NOCI from a concept to a functioning organization with a marketing roll-out anticipated for mid-2007.
I guess a good fascist murderer like Alfredo Stroessner was a helluva lot colorfuller than ol' Fidel.
Quicker than you can say "Your boys are taking a helluva beating Maggie Thatcher" Mabasa was in Norway at great expense.
At a unit price of $80 million that's one helluva expensive way to maintain
As I sit in my hut in the middle of the King Country (of course on the Avenue) I think to myself, you have a helluva responsible job, haven' you?