helmet shell

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hel′met shell`

1. a predatory marine gastropod of the family Cassidae, characterized by a thick heavy shell with a broadened outer lip.
2. the shell of this animal, used for making cameos.
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Another approach has been simply to add padding over the conventional helmet shell to absorb impacts.
They give outstanding performance on the road too, as the unique helmet shell and absorption liner follow the shape and size of the head to prevent lift at speed and give an exceptionally quiet ride.
The foam which is military specification is similar to that between the layers of a helmet shell, and is the key component in reducing the impact of highspeed deliveries directed at the neck, Daily Mail reported.
To address these issues, we created a hybrid: a helmet shell using current technologies fitted with a custom inner liner.
The stylish design incorporates a base 6 curved lens providing close, optimum coverage for the wearer while allowing the lens to be fully retracted into the helmet shell while not in use.
That way you won't accidentally kick it off the EFAB and damage the helmet shell, visors, and the IR harness.
So we're toying with new shapes where we can smooth out that contour and possibly shape the interior of the helmet shell differently so we can incorporate larger pads if needed," Cole said.
The Dutch head protection concept goes from Level 0, which includes only ballistic eyeglasses and communication earplugs, through Level 1 that adds the ballistic helmet shell with night vision mount, Level 2 with ballistic ear guards, and finally to Level 3 with visor and jaw protection.
He says he's seen helmets returned that have the wrong size face masks attached, bending the helmet shell to the point of cracking.
The tiny devices, which measure overpressure and acceleration, fit inside the helmet shell and weigh just 1.
HELMET SHELL Light shell offers comfort and maximum protection; INNER LINING Suspension to protect the head during acceleration; EAR GUARDS Anti-noise device blocks out drone at 1,500mph; X-RAY VISOR Infra-red images will let him see through fuselage; RADIO For contact with ground control and other pilots; OXYGEN MASK To help air intake amid huge G-force pressures; FLY PAST: Wartime goggles