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Adj.1.helmet-shaped - having the convex shape of a helmet
bulging, convex - curving or bulging outward
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The tall, helmet-shaped gable raised a weather vane like a truncheon.
It's very tall - 6ft to10ft in height - and between June and October produces clusters of purplish pink (or rarely white) helmet-shaped $owers.
They approached us saying they wanted a Darth Vader helmet-shaped island.
On Monday evening a queen dressed up as Beatrix, wearing a purple skirt and with a Beatrix-like helmet-shaped hairdo, drew a lot of attention in an Amsterdam neighborhood that is home to several gay bars.
When sensors detect unusual body movements seconds before an accident, a helmet-shaped bag inflates around the head.
Tergum VIII with height slightly larger than width, dorsal margin with lateral, drooping and folding sclerotized bars, U-shaped medially; sternum VIII helmet-shaped, ventral margin widely depressed with both sides descending to form two acute processes.
MAMA ROSA, a manufacturer of branded, refrigerated pizzas, has gotten in on the football action after securing exclusive rights from Myrna Rae, LLC, to produce and distribute the football helmet-shaped Tailgate Party Pizza.
Taking a page out of a major snack maker's playbook (Frito-Lay kicked off a limited-edition, football-shaped version of Tostitos in October), Mama Rosa's, a refrigerated pizza company based in Sidney, Ohio, has just launched a new helmet-shaped pizza that will be heavily promoted for Super Bowl sales, as well as playoff games and college football.