A helmsman or helmswoman.
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To do your job as helmsperson, all rudder components must be in good working order.
With six-way directional capability, the helmsperson can easily position the seat forward and backward, adjust the seat, tilt, and move the seat from one tack to the other with fingertip controls.
The founders of the IOD Class were inspired by the premise that racing should test the skills of the helmsperson and their crew rather than their ability to enhance or modify the equipment.
A good start is considered an important psychological advantage to the crew and helmsperson of any boat in the race, and it doesn't hurt that hundreds of thousands of people are lining the harbour watching.
The aft sundeck provides a useful seat for the helmsperson, or can be used for lounging in the sun as well as providing access to stern lockers and tender garage.
Physically, Maguire suggests the helmsperson doesn't have to be particularly strong, unless sailing bigger boats with plenty of load on the helm, but they have to have the concentration to be able to steer to a set of numbers for long periods.
Although the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race course is 628 nautical miles and takes between two and six days to sail, an excellent start is considered an important psychological advance for the helmsperson of almost every boat in the race.
This means the helmsperson can now trim the mainsheets from the wheel--a huge advantage for solo sailors or small crew.
Close to the starter's gun, the trimmer works with the helmsperson and mainsail trimmer to control the speed of the boat and ensure it is positioned correctly.
Only the Yngling crew of Krystal Weir, Karyn Gojnich and Angela Farrell were outside the top ten, having only come together as a crew early this year following the withdrawal through injury of original helmsperson Nicola Bethwaite.
This allows for comfortable control out at the edge of the wide cockpit where the helmsperson has excellent forward vision.