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He was a helot in the great hunt of helots that the masters were making.
A helot of Agesilaus made us a dish of Spartan broth, but I was not able to get down a second spoonful.
Next day, when I saw the directress, and when she made an excuse to meet me in the corridor, and besought my notice by a demeanour and look subdued to Helot humility, I could not love, I could scarcely pity her.
Besides, he makes the husbandmen masters of property upon paying a tribute; but this would be likely to make them far more troublesome and high-spirited than the Helots, the Penestise, or the slaves which others employ; nor has he ever determined whether it is necessary to give any attention to them in these particulars, nor thought of what is connected therewith, their polity, their education, their laws; besides, it is of no little consequence, nor is it easy to determine, how these should be framed so as to preserve the community of the military.
I mastered the notion of their communism, and approved of their iron money, with the poverty it obliged them to, yet somehow their cruel treatment of the Helots failed to shock me; perhaps I forgave it to their patriotism, as I had to forgive many ugly facts in the history of the Romans to theirs.
Edited by Christine Helot, Carolien Frijns, Koen Van Gorp, and Sven Sierens
Health, Social and Other Community Development Services: Health Care Services NC II, Caregiving NC II, Massage Therapy NC II, Helot and for (Wellness Massage) NC II, Hairdressing NC II, Beauty Care Services NC II, Pharmacy Services NC II, Bookkeeping NC III and for the Agra-Fishery Sector: Animal Production NC II, Organic Agriculture Production NC II.
This raiding included an attack on the city of Methone in the helot homeland of Messenia, a strike into an area where the Spartans felt particularly vulnerable.
If a helot harbored any ambitions beyond slavery, Burkhardt noted, "he was put to death and his master punished for not having kept the overweening fellow in place." Moreover, the helot population was culled on a regular basis to keep their numbers in check.
The Aotearoa New Zealand equivalent to the helot of Plato's Athens was obviously the Maori population.
Thus, a major issue with this expectation of dominant first-world powers is the insistance of one nation and one language at the expense of the native or heritage language (Crawford, 2004; Macedo, 2000; Wang & Winstead, 2016), especially languages associated with lower status in society (Beardsmore, 2008; Darder & Uriarte, 2013; Helot, 2002).