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1. The condition of serfdom.
2. Helots considered as a group.


(ˈhɛlətrɪ; ˈhiː-)
1. serfdom or slavery
2. serfs or slaves as a class


 slaves or bondsmen collectively.
Example: helotry of mammon, 1829.
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A state of subjugation to an owner or master:
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Actually, when the State of Emergency was declared on October 21, 1952, Koinange had angered the British government for dismissing the move, in an article he published in the Daily Worker, as "unnecessary" and that "the whole business was intended to serve the white supremacists and keep Africans in perpetual helotry.
They were promised some fundamental rights but only in this slogan did they find a basis for a revolt against feudalism and helotry. That cry, incidentally, is still being resounding in the world where ever cultivators demand their rights.
The Muslim Brotherhood's religious intolerance in a largely forbearing society defines his helotry, a slavish dependence on majoritarianism -- the delusion of dictators in a fool's paradise.