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1. The condition of serfdom.
2. Helots considered as a group.


(ˈhɛlətrɪ; ˈhiː-)
1. serfdom or slavery
2. serfs or slaves as a class


 slaves or bondsmen collectively.
Example: helotry of mammon, 1829.
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A state of subjugation to an owner or master:
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The Muslim Brotherhood's religious intolerance in a largely forbearing society defines his helotry, a slavish dependence on majoritarianism -- the delusion of dictators in a fool's paradise.
The extirpated symbols of women's helotry, the tainted fruits of a poisonous tree of gender inequality, represent for Wittig a rewriting of a bogus and noxious reality in which woman's subservience to man is customary, and their elimination celebrates a limitless tabula rasa regarding women's responsibilities and abilities (including the generation of space for the bearing of arms).
The Helotry are trying to resurrect Krodin, a notoriously cruel, nearly indestructible ruler who lived over four thousand years ago.