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tr.v. he·mag·glu·ti·nat·ed, he·mag·glu·ti·nat·ing, he·mag·glu·ti·nates
To cause agglutination of red blood cells.

he′mag·glu′ti·na′tion n.
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Noun1.hemagglutination - agglutination of red blood cells
agglutination - a clumping of bacteria or red cells when held together by antibodies (agglutinins)
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n. hemoaglutinación, aglutinación de células rojas sanguíneas.
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The secretory status of all women was initially determined by hemagglutination inhibition test table 2 revealed that the majority of women in NB and BB groups were secretors (72% and 60% respectively), while the majority of MB women (61.3%) were non-secretors with high significant difference (P < 0.0003).
However, Hemagglutination inhibition test was not sensitive enough to assess immune status against measles long after infection or vaccination (Neumann et.
Principle of hemagglutination inhibition test: ABH substances present in soluble form in fluids (e.g.
The first immunoassay, a hemagglutination inhibition test, was described in a PhD thesis by Strausser in 1958, but it was never published in the peer-reviewed literature (4).
Six of 109 pigeons (5.50%) were positive for NDV antibodies when using the hemagglutination inhibition test. Toxoplasma gondii antibodies were detected by immunofluorescence in one of 120 sera tested (0.83%).

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