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A black or blackish-red to brick-red mineral, essentially Fe2O3, the chief ore of iron.

[Middle English emathite, ematites, from Latin haematītēs, from Greek (lithos) haimatītēs, bloodlike (stone), from haima, haimat-, blood.]

he′ma·tit′ic (-tĭt′ĭk) adj.
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The mineralization of the Monster Property is hosted within hematitic breccias.
Nizampur iron deposits (100 m.tonnes) is of sedimentary type hematitic iron 25-35 % and is found at the base of Datta Formation.
The project covers the eastern limb and fold hinge area of the Millidie Syncline, including the Robinson Range Formation, which is a Proterozoic sequence of banded iron-formation, siltstone and hematitic shale.
A gradual progression from Fe sandstone clasts to hematitic concentric nodules with a goethitic cortex and then to goethitic uniform/ gradational nodules can be observed.
Curl and Franzmeier (1984) reported that goethitic soils adsorbed more P than hematitic soils in Brazilian Oxisols, which they considered to be a consequence of the larger crystal size of goethite relative to hematite.
Freshly broken surfaces exhibit interstitial matrix that ranges from fine-grained, clean quartz sandstone and siltstone, hematitic claystone and cements.