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A black or blackish-red to brick-red mineral, essentially Fe2O3, the chief ore of iron.

[Middle English emathite, ematites, from Latin haematītēs, from Greek (lithos) haimatītēs, bloodlike (stone), from haima, haimat-, blood.]

he′ma·tit′ic (-tĭt′ĭk) adj.
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The mineralization of the Monster Property is hosted within hematitic breccias.
Nizampur iron deposits (100 m.tonnes) is of sedimentary type hematitic iron 25-35 % and is found at the base of Datta Formation.
The project covers the eastern limb and fold hinge area of the Millidie Syncline, including the Robinson Range Formation, which is a Proterozoic sequence of banded iron-formation, siltstone and hematitic shale.
The Patterson West project area is located over the mostly granitic Clearwater Domain, but the basement conductors interpreted form the VTEM survey and the presence of kaolinitic and hematitic mica schist in the last 35 metres of historical drill hole SAM15 indicates the presence of either a sedimentary package or a significant shear zone.
A gradual progression from Fe sandstone clasts to hematitic concentric nodules with a goethitic cortex and then to goethitic uniform/ gradational nodules can be observed.
Curl and Franzmeier (1984) reported that goethitic soils adsorbed more P than hematitic soils in Brazilian Oxisols, which they considered to be a consequence of the larger crystal size of goethite relative to hematite.
Two major lithologic units are exposed at the pit: light olive gray (5Y6/1) to grayish yellow green (5GY7/2) smectitic shale overlain unconformably by oyster-bearing very pale orange (10YR8/2) and pale yellowish orange (10YR8/6), hematitic coquinoid limestones, both of the Pliocene El Salto Formation (Fig.
Freshly broken surfaces exhibit interstitial matrix that ranges from fine-grained, clean quartz sandstone and siltstone, hematitic claystone and cements.