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or hemat- also haemat- or haemato-
Blood: hematology.

[Greek haimato-, from haima, haimat-, blood.]


or before a vowel


combining form
US variants of haemato-


or hema-

a combining form meaning “blood”: hemocyte.
Also, esp. before a vowel, hem-;esp. Brit., haemo-.
[< New Latin haemo-, comb. form representing Greek haîma blood]
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Determination criteria of clinical effect: If hemato- ma was removed thoroughly and there were no ob- vious clinical symptoms and vital signs, then treat- ment was considered to be statistically effective; if hematoma was removed thoroughly and clinical symptoms and vital signs were relieved, then treat- ment was considered to be effective; if hematoma was not removed thoroughly and clinical symp- toms and vital signs had no obvious improvement or even aggravated, then treatment was thought to be ineffective.
Accordingly, we conducted dose-response analyses for a) lung cancer (ICD-9 162); b) upper aerodigestive tract cancers encompassing the naso-oropharyngeal regions, esophagus, and stomach (ICD-9 140-151); c) hemato- and lymphopoietic cancers (ICD-9 200-208, excluding chronic lymphatic leukemias); d) urinary-tract cancers (ICD-9 188-189); and e) prostate cancer (ICD-9 185).