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a.1.(Physiol.) Resembling blood.
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In the nearly half century since, the hematoid red brushed over this turbid, absorptive ground has seeped in ever more deeply so that certain passages are now quite matte, others less so, and still others filigreed with a fine craquelure.
com), had some pretty hematoid quartz/pyrite specimens from a May 2010 find somewhere in the Daye mining district, Hubei Province, China.
The best that I saw of the now familiar clusters of hematoid quartz crystals from Shangping Zhen, Longchuan Counthy, Guangdong Province, China were being offered by Michel Jouty and by Dr.
Meanwhile, old Namibia specialists Christian and Petra Gornick of Fine Minerals Worldwide (Reutergartenweg 20, D-31319 Sehnde (Hover), Germany) came through at the Main Show with some really beautiful hematoid quartz specimens from the "Oranje River," a vast collecting area straddling the border between Namibia and South Africa (though the better specimens are found n the Namibian side).