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n. hemosálpinx, acumulación de sangre en las trompas de Falopio.
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The details of the patient's condition were discussed with the patient and her parents, including the complications of outflow obstruction to the right vagina which can lead to hematocolpos, hematometra, hematosalpinx, and later may cause a retrograde bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, and infertility.
The main symptom detected among the patients was dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain due to the presence of an obstructed hemivagina that resulted in the accumulation of metabolized blood, causing hematocolpos, hematometra, and hematosalpinx. Dysmenorrhea was reported to be moderate to intense and the patients with a less symptomatic condition had communication between the uterine horns or an incomplete or fistulized vaginal septum.
As the event progresses, the walls of the tuba become thicker with the edema and findings of hydrosalpinx and hematosalpinx in the lumen of the tuba begin to show themselves.
One case was part of synchronous primary malignancies (Described above); 45.5% hematosalpinx, 9% hydrosalpinx and 13.6% non-specific salpingitis reported.
Los rudimentos funcionales, tanto comunicantes como no comunicantes, producen hematosalpinx, hematometras, endometriosis, y como consecuencia dolor pelvico, y en embarazos alto riesgo de ruptura [17] y aumento de la mortalidad materna.
In addition, patients with Classification 1 are more prone to hematometros, hematosalpinx and hemoperitoneum, especially in some more severely affected patients.
This entity can be diagnosed when there is no intrauterine sac in a pregnant woman, and other features like hemoperitoneum, hematosalpinx, or complex adnexal mass are detected on MRI.
Outflow obstruction caused by a transverse septum in the distal vagina almost never leads to hematometra or hematosalpinx. However, septa that arise in the proximal vagina are usually thicker and, if left untreated, can cause reflux that damages the upper reproductive tract.
Fernandez et al developed a score based on gestational age, [beta]-hCG level, progesterone level, abdominal pain, hemoperitoneum volume, and hematosalpinx diameter.
INTRODUCTION: A very rare complication of cesarean section is cervical stenosis which causes hematometra, hematosalpinx and also endometriosis.
This may lead to hematocolpos, hematometra, and hematosalpinx. MR imaging demonstrates 2 widely separated horns and 2 cervices.