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 (hē′mə-tō-spûr′mē-ə, hĭ-măt′ə-)
The presence of blood in semen. Also called hemospermia.

[hemato- + Greek sperma, seed, semen; see sperm + -ia.]
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Prostate Cancer Screening Harms Versus Benefits Harms Benefits * Overdiagnosis * Early detection and ** Unnecessary biopsy treatment of prostate --Side effects: pain, cancer (especially in high- hematospermia, infection risk individuals) ** Leads to over-treatment: * Prevention: --Radiation therapy ** Death by prostate --Radical proctectomy cancer * Over-treatment: ** Metastatic cancer ** Side effects: Erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, abnormal bowel symptoms (bowel urgency & fecal incontinence) * Psychological stress and anxiety * The increased amount of false-positives for PSA testing levels Sources: American Urological Association, 2019; Carter et al., 2013; U.S.
A large proportion of these complications consists of minor complications, such as hematuria, dysuria, hematospermia, and rectal bleeding.
Even though serious adverse events that required surgical intervention or treatment were very rare in the published studies and involved cases of proctitis (14) and bladder necrosis (10) with a variety of minor side effects like dysuria hematospermia, haematuria and diarrhoea, this is still an area of concern.
Fuschiet al., "Hematospermia and xanthogranulomatous prostatitis: An unusual onset of a rare diagnosis," Canadian Tax Journal, vol.
In younger men, hematospermia may result from infections, inflammation, or blockages in the genitourinary tract, including the prostate (prostatitis), bladder, seminal vesicles, testicles, and urethra.
(57) However, more-recent studies have found SVA to be an incidental finding on surgical pathology specimens that did not correlate with prior treatment or the presence or grade of prostatic adenocarcinoma but that could be associated with hematospermia. (58-60) Very few studies with IHC characterization have been performed, and results have been conflicting.
In a study of 5802 biopsies in 2002, 50% had hematospermia at three days, and 3.5% developed sepsis (31).
(1) There is increasing concern regarding serial TRUS-BX, as repeated TRUS-BX is associated with commonly cited complications such as anxiety, pain, hematuria, hematospermia, and rarely, rectal bleeding.
Of course, people may also have sexual hyperactivity, dyspareunia, impotence, hematospermia and so on.
The third patient, who was on amlodipine, had Schamberg's disease along with hematuria and hematospermia. When amlodipine was stopped and replaced by an ACE inhibitor, the bleeding tendency rapidly resolved without recurrence.
He reported that he had no symptoms consistent with Zika virus infection (i.e., fever, rash, conjunctivitis, or arthralgias) either during his travel or since his return, and he did not have any of the following other symptoms: myalgias, chills, eye pain, oral ulcers, genital ulcers, anal ulcers, hematospermia, hematuria, dysuria, and prostate pain.