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n. hemiataxia, falta de coordinación muscular que afecta un lado del cuerpo.
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transient mild hemiparesis, superficial hemianaesthesia (which can be replaced by cutaneous hyperaesthesia and is always accompanied by persistent disturbances of deep sensation), allodynia, mild hemiataxia, astereognosia, severe and paroxysmal pain on the hemiparetic side, and choreoathetoid movements in the limbs on the paralyzed side.
Focal Nonfocal Hemiparesis Decreased consciousness or unconsciousness Hemihypesthesia Confusion Dysphasia Amnesia Dysarthria Unsteadiness Hemianopia Nonrotatory dizziness Transient monocular Positive visual phenomena blindness Hemiataxia Paresthesias Diplopia Bilateral weakness of arms or legs Vertigo Unwell feelings * Symptoms should have sudden onset, rapid clearance, and duration of <24 hours.
We report a case of isolated hemiataxia in a young adult with mild initial psychiatric manifestations.