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n. hemiatrofia, atrofia de la mitad de un órgano o de la mitad del cuerpo.
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Hemiatrophy of the tongue and floor of the mouth demonstrated by computed tomography.
Significant findings on physical examination included chronic hemiatrophy involving his entire left face, as well as a Babinski sign on the right.
Parry-Romberg syndrome, also known as progressive facial hemiatrophy, was first described by Parry in 1825 and Romberg in 1846.
The diagnosis of DDMS was based on facial asymmetry, hemiplegia, mental retardation, and cerebral hemiatrophy.
Sener RN, Jinkins JR MR of craniocerebral hemiatrophy.
Abstract: Progressive facial hemiatrophy, also known as Parry-Romberg syndrome (PRS), is characterized by slowly progressive atrophy of one side of the face, primarily involving the subcutaneous tissues and fat.
Similarly, the use of pieces of adipose tissue and artificial tissue substitutes such as silicon, collagen and hydroxyapatite for soft tissue augmentation in facial hemiatrophy, hypomastia, mammoplasty and other deformities again face safety issues.
The possible results of first-trimester maternal infection--the congenital varicella syndrome, characterized by cerebral hemiatrophy and abnormalities of the extremities and skin--are well known.
Pneumosinus dilatans after prolonged cerebrospinal fluid shunting in young adults with cerebral hemiatrophy.
Moderate hemiatrophy of the tongue was evident, indicating a right hypoglossal cranial nerve palsy.
Phacomatosis pigmentokeratotica is characterized by several conditions: a sebaceous nevus, a speckled lentiginous nevus in a checkerboard pattern, hemiatrophy with muscular weakness and other neurologic abnormalities (e.
Cranial CT demonstrated a left cerebral hemiatrophy and a secondary enlargement of the left lateral ventricle.