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n. hemibalismo, lesión en el cerebro que afecta a la mitad del cuerpo con movimientos involuntarios rápidos sin coordinación, esp. en las extremidades superiores.
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Recently, there have been reports that ballism appears in vascular infarctions in the striatum (26) instead of the subthalamic nucleus, which is the classical site for hemiballism. Thus, differentiation of ballism and chorea matters in terms of clinical neurology.
Diabetic striatopathy in a patient with hemiballism. Emerg Radiol.
Transient chorea/ballism provoked by an episode of nonketotic hyperglycemia has repeatedly been reported over the past couple of decades and is the second most common cause of hemiballism [12].
He reported the case of a 57year-old woman with hemiballism that resolved as the blood glucose levels were normalized [2].
The motor functions of the STN were established in humans from clinical observations of contralateral hemiballism induced by STN ischemia.
V Papantchev et al3 has established that if there is no blood flow through PCA, patient may suffer from visual, endocrine or vegetative disturbances, hemiballism, decrease level of consciousness, impaired coordination, hemiplagia, hemianasthesia etc in cases of disturbances of any of those arterial system.
They found that the most common transient adverse effects patients experienced from surgery were delirium (24%); asymptomatic bleeding detected only on the MRI (16%), problems with wound healing (8%), confusion (6%), hemiballism (2%) and seizures (2%).