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n. hemibalismo, lesión en el cerebro que afecta a la mitad del cuerpo con movimientos involuntarios rápidos sin coordinación, esp. en las extremidades superiores.
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1) Movement disorders such as chorea, ataxia, and hemiballismus have been described in the American College of Rheumatology classification of NPSLE.
Neurological complications of low serum calcium are acute seizures, tetany, basal ganglia calcification, parkinsonism, hemiballismus and choreoathetosis16.
Ballismus mostly involves the extremities on one side of the body which means that is in the form of hemiballismus.
Physical examination revealed left-sided hemiballismus, limited and painful movements of the low back, hip and sacroiliac joints, and Kayser-Fleischer ring on eye examination.