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 (hĕm′ĭ-sĕl′yə-lōs′, -lōz′)
Any of several branched polysaccharides that are composed of a variety of different monosaccharides and form a matrix with cellulose and lignin or pectin in plant cell walls. It is produced commercially from corn fiber.
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(Botany) any of a group of plant polysaccharides that occur chiefly in the cell wall
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(ˌhɛm ɪˈsɛl yəˌloʊs)

any of a group of polysaccharides, intermediate in complexity between sugar and cellulose, that hydrolyze to monosaccharides more readily than cellulose.
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This wide range of degradation could be justified by the presence of lignin and hemicelluloses in the sample, which degraded from 190 to 990[degrees]C [41].
aspellum-2627, showed a faster rate of lignin and hemicelluloses degradation compared to the degradation of cellulose (Figure 1).
The secondary cell walls are nanofiber-reinforced composites of highly oriented, semicrystalline cellulose microfibrils embedded in a matrix of amorphous cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin (Rowell et al.
The insoluble fiber constituted mainly by cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin while gums, mucilage and pectins constitute the soluble part and they are known as extractives (MARINHO, 2012).
It contains cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin as major constituents, as shown in Table1.
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However, presence of lignin in wood acts as a limiting factor for animals that consume cell wall compounds (cellulose and hemicelluloses) (Van Kuijk et al., 2015; Shahzad et al., 2016).
lacrymans removed relatively more xylan and arabinan than glucan by 21 days of decay and did not remove either of the major hemicelluloses preferentially.
Besides, bio-based materials (chitosan [6], starch [7], hemicelluloses [6, 8], and so on) are suitable for food packaging film due to their excellent oxygen barrier.
In principle, most of the biomasses are composed of polysaccharides (cellulose and hemicelluloses) and lignins.
The SB was mainly comprised of cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin components [15], which can be dissolved or broken down during a pretreatment process [16].