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n. hemicolectomía, extirpación de una mitad del colon.
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The patient underwent left hemicolectomy. On histological examination of the removed specimen, two firm pedunculated formations with mucinous characteristics with elastic-friable composition were revealed.
For tumours involving distal ileum, a right hemicolectomy should be performed.
Therefore, appendiceal carcinoid tumour more than 2 cm was usually managed by right hemicolectomy. [16,17] 2 cases of carcinoid were reported and both were incidental findings and were less than 2 cms.
A total of 191 cases have been analyzed in one of the largest series in the literature, and appendectomy has been reported as the most common intervention (42% in adults, 71% in children), leocecectomy (27%) and right hemicolectomy (21%) have been performed in the remaining patients.
The patient subsequently underwent exploratory laparotomy and extended right hemicolectomy with primary anastomosis.
Based on the imaging findings, the patient underwent a right-sided hemicolectomy to resect the mass and intussusception.
archivesofpathology.org in the November 2018 table of contents]), an extended right hemicolectomy (Figure 2, B; Supplemental Figure 2), a radical nephrectomy (Figure 2, C; Supplemental Figure 3), and a radical cystectomy (Figure 2, D; Supplemental Figure 4).
After fluid resuscitation and analgesia, emergent exploratory laparotomy and extended right hemicolectomy with double barrel stoma was performed.
Case #3: An 84-year-old hypertensive female with a severe bronchiectasis is legally blind with pigmentosa retinitis and underwent a hemicolectomy due to cancer.